About Stromma

Strömma means to flow in Swedish and Stroma is the supportive framework of a biological cell. That paradox combines together to create the most fitting name for our company, Strömma.
We are a brand that is always in motion, always progressing, and always improving.
Although we are always on the move, we have core values that will always be essential to our business.
We believe in functional products, vibrant aesthetics, technical construction, and feminine design.
Strömma provides clothing for the outdoor lover.
For the woman that bags more peaks in a summer than she can count on two hands.
For the woman that spends more time on two wheels than on two feet.
For the woman that could very easily turn into a mermaid since lives on the water.
Strömma is for every woman that loves her days under the sun and doing the things she loves.
Join the Stromma flow.